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Name:Shotaro Hidari, Private Detective
Birthdate:Jun 17
Interstellar info: here

Ten Forward info:Contact post

Appearance: He prefers to dress what seems a bit old-fashioned, but also with some updates, in classic, sleek colors. He's never seen without a fedora on his head, in a shirt and tie with a vest (or wasitcoat) in which he stores his toys tools for transforming. He tends match that with skinny jeans and boots, though. And a puffy coat when it gets cold. He also usually has a clip on his belt for holding his hat when it's not really appropriate to wear.

His hair is floppy and bushy under the hat, which he makes a point of sweeping out of the way just so when he puts it on.

Personality At first impressions, Shotaro is hard to take seriously. He cares a lot about appearances of being a hard-boiled detective, and dresses the part. But he cares a lot for the people around him, even perfect strangers and gangsters. He is a genuinely capable detective, and never backs down when challenged. He will not tolerate anyone that makes someone else cry, and will do what it takes for them to answer for it. This grossly undermines his desire to be known as a “hard-boiled” detective, causing most people to call him “half-boiled”.

He takes the responsibility he’d been given to take care of Philip seriously, and gives him the space he needs to find his own way while trying to make sure he doesn’t get hurt in the process. He well and truly believes in him as a partner, and trusts him implicitly and explicitly. That’s not to say his emotional nature doesn’t sometimes clash with Philip’s more logical and rational nature, sometimes even to blows, but they consider themselves two parts of the same whole, both as Double and as detectives.

This is an unofficial fan account created for the purpose of role playing at [community profile] ten_fwd and [community profile] neornithes; I am not Shotaro, who is the property of Toei. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made.

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